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UrbanX True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds + Charging

Price: $34.95
(as of Jul 07,2024 16:50:05 UTC – Details)

Discover the ultimate audio experience with UrbanX’s range of high-quality earbuds, designed to cater to all your listening needs. Our UrbanX wireless Bluetooth earbuds are a game-changer in the world of earphones, offering over 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime per earbud and an additional 24+ hours from the sleek, portable charging case. This means you get a total of 32+ hours of exceptional audio quality, ensuring your earbuds wireless Bluetooth experience is always ready for your next adventure. The integrated USB cable adds to the convenience, making charging hassle-free. But that’s not all – UrbanX earbuds are equipped with advanced Dual Connect technology, allowing you to use either one or both earbuds at your convenience. Each earbud comes with a high-quality MEMS microphone, ensuring crystal-clear calls whether you’re at work or enjoying leisure time. The compact and comfortable design of these Bluetooth earbuds makes them 15% smaller and 40% lighter than traditional models, offering a snug, secure fit with three sizes of gel tips. This ergonomic design ensures that your audifonos inalambricos, or wireless ear buds, stay comfortably in place, providing a perfect seal for an immersive sound experience. UrbanX earbuds stand out with their advanced touch controls, allowing you to easily manage your audio preferences. Connect seamlessly with your device without the need for an app. This intuitive control system makes our auriculares Bluetooth, or Bluetooth earbuds, a top choice for tech-savvy users.
1. UrbanX Long-Lasting Battery Life: Enjoy over 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with each UrbanX wireless Bluetooth earbud and an extra 24+ hours from the sleek charging case. The integrated USB cable ensures your earbuds are always ready for your next adventure, offering a total of 32+ hours of high-quality audio experience.
2. UrbanX Dual Connect with Crystal-Clear Calls: Whether using one or both earbuds, UrbanX earbuds wireless Bluetooth technology provides flexibility and convenience. Each earbud is equipped with a high-quality MEMS microphone, ensuring your calls are always clear, making them ideal for both leisure and work.
3. Compact and Comfortable Design by UrbanX: Our UrbanX Bluetooth earbuds are crafted for ultimate comfort and convenience, 15% smaller and 40% lighter than traditional models. The compact case easily fits in your pocket, and with three sizes of gel tips, you’re guaranteed a perfect, secure fit for all-day wear.
4. Advanced Touch Controls & Customizable Sound: UrbanX earbuds offer intuitive touch controls for easy management of audio preferences. Connect it directly with your device, 1 step pairing, without the need for an app.
5. Complete UrbanX Package with Extended Warranty: Each purchase includes UrbanX True Wireless Earbuds, a portable charging case with a built-in USB cable, three sets of gel tips for a tailored fit, and the reliability of a UrbanX One-Year Warranty. Trust UrbanX for a superior audio journey.

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